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The Three Best Hiking Trails to Enjoy Nature in Naperville

The Three Best Hiking Trails to Enjoy Nature in Naperville

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​​If you love the outdoors, love being active, and are thinking about vacationing in Naperville, check out these four hiking trails that you might fall in love with. Naperville is a suburban town in Chicago, Illinois but has a lot of things to do, and it’s far off than just a boring old little town. Naperville has some great hiking trails that let you hike for miles, and when you get hot, make sure to dip in the lake afterward as some have lakes for you to enjoy. Here are four hiking trails to try out when you are in Naperville, Illinois: 

  1. McDowell Grove:

There is quite a lot to do in McDowell grove. But there are great trails that combine to be seven miles worth. The scenic route takes you along the lake, various trails, and paths to take. You may even catch a glimpse of the wildlife as you trail along the paved paths. There are also trails for riding, longboarding, running, and easy trails for dogs as well. After hiking the long trailhead back and take a dip in the fresh lake as you can swim around or drive your boat.

  1. Greene Valley Forest Preserve:

The most popular trails in Naperville, Illinois as these trails are hand-curated and perfectly groomed to be on. the trails are quite easy but carry some elevation so be ready to sweat. But the preserve is open all year round and even in the snow, the hiking trails are ready to be walked on. there are two trails in which make one hard for the more advanced hikers, and one easier for the beginner hikers. Whichever you choose, you will be sure to love it. there are scenic routes along the way, but if you choose the woodsy trail, you will end up on a hill overlooking the whole preserve which is a beautiful view to see. 

  1. Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve:

Springbrook is a six-mile moderate trail that features lots of wildflowers, and no matter the skill level of hiking, you can still enjoy the trail while getting your blood flowing. The great part is that the trail is open all year round and it also offers a lot of activities to do for all ages. If you do take your dogs, they have to be on a leash. The trail has two parts which are great for beginner to easy, then a moderately advanced option for moderate, and hard. The harder one involves lots of dirt and grass, so it’s much more of a workout and a bit harder. Get ready to get your blood pumping as no matter which way you choose, they will both be a workout. 

If you are in the area of Naperville, be sure to check out these hiking trails. They are great for any level of expertise and along the way you will fall in love with the nature around you.

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