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Blast Off: The 3 Most Brilliant Fourth of July Fireworks Shows Near Brookdale in the Park

Blast Off: The 3 Most Brilliant Fourth of July Fireworks Shows Near Brookdale in the Park

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An American Dream


The air swirls as blankets are laid on the grass, with an abundance of food overflowing picnic baskets. Ice and water splashes as drinks are pulled from ice-cold coolers while beer gardens pour from flowing kegs. 


The sounds of booths, games, and rides resound as parks and kids play on playgrounds. The sound of the bat cracks from the baseball fields as the sun sets over Springbrook Prairie Nature Preserve. And suddenly…


The dark sky ignites over the park, lighting the already starry night with colors of red, white, and blue.

“Ohs” and “ahs” are heard from the grass as fiery glitter covers the horizon creating a brilliant atmosphere of light against the backdrop. Energy is vibrating and eyes are turned towards the sky as people watch with wide grins.

One of our most beloved American holidays and events is happening – 

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Brookdale on the Park wants to help you celebrate Independence Day by bringing you the top fireworks displays near Naperville, IL, to ensure you have an absolute blast this Independence Day.

You’ll find the links below, so bust out that lawn chair and sit down – or stand and shout – for the best fireworks displays our area has to offer:

  1. The Naperville Salute

Located right here in Naperville, The Naperville Salute offers local bands, food and beer, and a spectacular fireworks show. It will be held at Rotary Hill (440 Aurora Ave.) on July 2-3, with the fireworks on July 4 at Frontier Park (3380 Cedar Glade Drive). The festival centers around Veterans, First Responders, Active Military, and their families, and encompasses the Riverwalk and Downtown Naperville. The Sunday fireworks are free, with tickets for the Salute available for $15 here.

  1. Batavia Fireworks Show

The Batavia fireworks show will take place this year after it was cancelled last year. The show features live music by the Batavia Community Band and isis set for dusk July 4 at Engstrom Park (326 Millview Drive). Hang out on the Fox River or grab a beer at Energy City Brewing before the show.

  1. Dupage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton

On July 3rd, Wheaton will have their annual fireworks at Graf Park (1855 Manchester Rd). The evening will feature lawn games, concessions, a DJ, and giveaways. A flag ceremony will be held by a scout troop beforehand, so you won’t want to miss this unique occasion! No alcoholic beverages, sparklers, or smoke bombs will be permitted in the park.

For an ongoing list of other Fourth of July shows and events in the Chicago area, check out the Chicago Tribune’s article on where to see fireworks here.

Leave us a comment if you have questions or know of other shows in the area!

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